Duffle is transforming airport shopping. Order a gift for someone special, a last-minute carry-on item, or a treat for your flight. Your order will be delivered to your gate in minutes.

Just sit back, relax, and DUFFLE it!

All Shops.
One App.

We've got so much to offer! Discover special deals, the latest in fashion and electronics, as well as the tastiest treats and drinks. We partner with leading Duty-Free retailers to offer the latest promotions and exclusive brands. And ordering couldn’t be easier - select everything you want and our Duffle runner will delivery it in minutes to you.

Hej Cph! Olá lis! Servus Vie! Moin Ham! merhaba ist!
Hej Cph! Olá lis! Servus Vie! Moin Ham! merhaba ist!

Anytime &

Browse items while on your way to the airport, as you go through security, or once you have arrived at your gate. To complete your purchase, upload your boarding pass and pay in the app. You can finalise your order up to 20 minutes before your boarding time.

On-Demand Delivery in Minutes.

Lines at check-in, lines at security: traveling can be stressful, but airport shopping shouldn’t be! Say goodbye to waiting in line at busy airport shops. Our retail partners and on-site team are there to make your airport shopping easy and fast. It’s simple – place your order and within minutes our Duffle runners will deliver it to your gate.

Arrival Shopping Has Landed.

And now there’s arrival shopping! Did you see an item in our app that you’d like to have when you land at your destination, or maybe something  you want to take home but don't want to carry it around the entire trip? You can order items before take-off and then collect them at the arrival gate.

Always on time.

Stay up to date on all your travel information. Our live tracking system doesn't just track the progress of your orders, but it also monitors flight information in real-time. We will alert you of any changes related to your flight, including delays, gate changes, or cancellations. No need to worry about any gate changes, we will ensure to meet you at the correct boarding gate.

Please remain Seated. DUFFLE is on The way!

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